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25-min No-Equipment HIIT Workout

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

If you're like me, life is realllllly busy most days with work, kiddos, home responsibilities, all he things. And long workouts are just a thing of the past lol

Being effective in less time has become a weekly mission for me, because working out is still, and will forever be, a priority for me. So making SOME time for this habit is still necessary, but it doesn't mean you can't have a great workout in less than 30 minutes!

Today's workout is a little blast from the past - I was newly pregnant here so some of these moves were doable then lol So this is appropriate if you're not pregnant, or if you're still in first trimester and the bump isn't really in the way.

I've included modifications for each move, so whatever your fitness level and however you're feeling today, do what you can and listen to your body. It's not a competition with me, or anyone else. It's just you vs YOU and pushing yourself a little bit more each week to keep improving (or even maintaining if that's your goal!)

Grab your Lulus, get your hydration station ready, and let's get moving!

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