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Booty Band + HIIT Lower Body Workout

Happy Monday, friend!

I hear so many mamas tell me "I just don't have time to workout", and I'm here to tell you that while I can't magically create more time for you, I CAN deliver an amazing workout if you are short on time. So when you carve out 20 minutes, I will make sure you use every single minute effectively.

This workout can be done with or without a booty band, but let me tell you, if you have one, you are going to feel the freaking FIRE! This one also shows you modifications, so if you're a beginner to my workouts, or just need to take it a bit easier, you have options here too.

The main thing is this: just do what you can. Even if you have a toddler jumping on you. Even if you need to take breaks and hit pause to go make the 794th snack. You got this, and you're gonna love how you feel afterwards.

SO let's get it, and let's crush the week ahead!

-Coach Crystal xoxo

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