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A week-long nutrition, mindset & exercise challenge to help you reset your habits, kicktsart losing the stubborn mommy weight, and build momentum to keep going


Before I give you all the details, let's talk about who this is really for...

You’re a woman who loves her family deeply, and you recognize that even though you have great intentions, you often put other things ahead of your own self-care and goals. You’re tired of feeling tired, of holding onto stubborn weight and you’re ready to release it, to get your cravings under control, & start feeling confident in your mombod.
whether you’re:

a working mom who’s finding it hard to fit in workouts and meal prepping into an already jam-packed schedule

a stay-at-home mom who’s feeling exhausted with no motivation to meal plan and needs quick & easy meal ideas to fuel her days

a mom who loves a challenge, wants to take her nutrition & exercise to the next level, and is looking for a supportive community to work on her goals with

You’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how the 7-Day Mombod Reset™ will give you the tools, inspiration, accountability, and community that will help you kickstart your goals

By the end of this 7-Day Reset,

you will have:

  • created a weekly workout schedule that works for your busy life, with exercises that safely & effectively engage the right muscles while keeping workouts short (<30min)

  • learned how to leverage your everyday rhythms to anchor in movement & meal prepping into your days

  • shifted your mindset to the right weight loss metrics, so you can avoid frustration, minimize self-sabotage & stay the course with your goals

  • eaten delicious, home-cooked meals that are quick to prep, leave you satisfied, & follow the 80:20 principle so you can enjoy some food flexibility & never feel restricted

  • ignited behavior change by leveraging simple, yet powerful, foundational habits, that will continue to give you results beyond the reset

  • learned about the most important eating habits and foods to focus on that boost your energy, get your cravings under control, and aid in fat loss

  • connected with other amazing mamas in a judgement-free space, who will support you, cheer you on, and help keep you accountable

  • gained motivation & momentum to keep going with your goals, no matter what's going on with life


“Working with Crystal was the single best thing I've probably ever decided to do for myself

My attitude to nutrition and fitness has completely changed and that mindset has definitely had a positive effect on the other areas of my life. I was shopping for a new dress the other day and had to go for a smaller size - the shop assistant and manager gravitated towards me and considering they'd never met me before said "you seem really happy". It wasn't just about the smaller sized dress though. I am genuinely happy and I could never have gotten to this point without going on this journey. Crystal is a true professional, she practices what she preaches, she’s approachable, and working with her helped me discover a lifestyle that I LOVE, and more importantly, that I can stick to. I would absolutely recommend that you work with Crystal”

Enrol in 7-Day Mombod Reset™




When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get:

7-Day Mombod Reset™

(A $397 value)


  • Complete 7-Day Meal Plan, filled with recipes & shopping list, to save you time & decision making, and to give you the fuel your body needs to see results

  • 3 full-length, <30min strength & HIIT workouts and suggested workout schedule that you can do at home, with minimal equipment, including modifications so you can always progress safely


  • “Fit-it-in” daily movement challenges to minimize sitting at home⁣ & to infuse movement into your daily rhythms

  • Access to our private FB community where you’ll get support & accountability from our amazing #MombodSquad


  • Daily motivation & special trainings with Crystal, helping you tackle any challenges that come up, customize things based on your unique needs, and keep the motivation high


  • Chance to win our $250 cash prize, so you can treat yourself and head into the holidays with some extra moolah

Plus, these bonuses to help you tackle your biggest challenges with weight loss

LIVE Coaching and Q&As with Crystal Inside the Private Mombod Reset Facebook Group

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through the challenge

(A $99 Value)

What you’ll get:


  • 5 LIVE training and Q&A sessions from Monday – Friday to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with clarity and confidence

  • A supportive Facebook community with fellow mamas, to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of days


  • Live HOT Seats during Q&A to get personalized coaching from Crystal so you can move quickly through any challenges you face


  • A safe space to share your wins, challenges and refill your motivation tank by connecting with other moms who “get” the journey and are here to help you cross the finish line

Proper Core Activation Video

Whether you’re recently post-partum (3-12months), have Diastasis Recti, or it’s been years since your last kiddo, you’ll learn how to engage the right set of muscles to flatten that mommy tummy, and get the most out of your workouts

(A $49 Value)

What you’ll get:


  • Diastasis Recti cheat sheet to learn the basics of this common condition, quickly assess whether you have it, and some quick tips to help improve it

  • Sequence of specific activation & strengthening exercises to build foundational core strength, making your other workouts safer and more effective

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Still not sure?  Burning Q’s your fellow mamas asked before joining:

* I’m worried the workouts may be too intense for me? Are there modifications to the exercises for every level?

A: YES! I will always show variations of each move and show you safe ways to progress/regress, that way you are always doing what feels best for your body and the stage of your post partum journey. I will always encourage you to challenge yourself in a safe way, but at the end of the day you also need to acknowledge your own physical limits and work within it to avoid/minimize injury.



* I am vegetarian/vegan – will this meal plan accommodate my dietary preferences?

A: Yes and no. While there are vegetarian/vegan recipes included in the 7-Day Mombod Meal guide, it is not exclusively vegetarian/vegan. I do list easy swaps/substitutions you can make where appropriate, and I’m happy to show you how you can tweak your current nutrition so that it follows your preferences and still allows you to achieve your goals.


* I’m currently breastfeeding and worried that the changes I make to my nutrition and exercise will affect my milk supply. How can I lose the baby weight and ensure baby is getting adequate nutrition from me?

A: This is a GREAT question! While I can not guarantee that your breast milk production won’t change over time, I can say that the recipes and meals in the guide are balanced, there’s adequate proteins and fats to help you feel satiated, and there is ALWAYS flexibility to add/remove food based on how your body feels and the needs of your baby. I teach you how to listen to your body’s cues on hunger/fullness, and some days you might eat more, some days you might eat less.

* I don’t have a lot of time. Will the workouts and recipes fit my busy mom life?

A: YES. All the workouts are less than 30min to complete, and recipes are from anywhere 5-35min to prepare. I will also be teaching you how to clear your calendar, so you can carve out a bit of time each day to focus on the actions getting you closer to your goals. But at the end of the day, I can’t workout for you or cook for you or participate for you – you gotta show up and do the do, and I'm confident that if you give it a try, you’ll see this is totally doable


* I have goals and I’m interested, but I feel like the timing might not be great. Should I just wait until the next time you do a challenge?

A: Mama, is there ever going to be the “right time”? You could keep putting off your goals and be in the exact same place you’re in now in a year from now. How would that feel? My guess is you’d be pretty frustrated. OR you could DECIDE that NOW is the only time you have (because it literally is!) You could hit the reset button right now, start feeling energized, start seeing results, start feeling more like YOU again. Why would you wait for that?!

* What do I need to do to win the $250 prize? Do I have to complete ALL the recipes, workouts, and challenge items?

A: In order to be eligible to win the cash prize, you need to show up and engage in our FB group or by tagging me on IG with the activity you did at least ONCE PER DAY, to show you’re doing the do! You can do as much or as little as you want for this challenge mama! I want you to feel like what you are doing works for your schedule and goals, and helps you keep going even after the reset is over.



I personally can't wait to guide you over this week...

Healthy nutrition habits and strength & HIIT workouts, with the guidance of a qualified coach, have hands down transformed my body and my health.
I've experienced first hand what it feels like to go from exhausted, unmotivated, and lacking consistency to creating sustainable habits that fit my busy momlife, help me look and feel my best, and most importantly, allow me to model the kind of lifestyle I want my kiddo to adopt.
If you're a busy mom who's been feeling frustrated and not seeing results, you owe it to yourself to take the plunge in this week of self-care, and give yourself the reset you know you deserve.
I look forward to seeing you inside the 7-Day Mombod Reset!
-Coach Crystal

Enrol in 7-Day Mombod Reset™



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