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A 3 or 6-month close contact coaching program that includes flexible meal plans, custom workout programs, Zoom calls & habit-based behaviour change coaching and high accountability with Crystal

do you want to...

Build sustainable, long lasting results with a plan specifically for you?

Discover a way of eating without obsessively counting calories, that's quick & easy to prepare, and that actually works for you AND your family?

Follow through on a fitness plan that works with your busy schedule, helps you lose the stubborn weight & flatten the mummy tummy?
Have high accountability so you can stay on track and achieve the results you're looking for?

Coaching with me will help you reach your weight loss goals faster, and help you develop the habits to sustain your results long-term

While I can help you get some quick wins, my job is to make sure you also build on nutrition, fitness, and mindset habits that will stack in your favour and help you stay consistent, even when life gets crazy.
We build on each habit week by week, and tackle obstacles & set backs head on so you can pivot quickly and keep moving forward towards your goals.

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Crystal Ceh BSc Kin, ND, Pn1, Pre & Post-Natal Specialist

Crystal is a trained Naturopathic doctor, holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, and Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness Specialist. With over 18 years of experience working with clients, she has dedicated her life to helping women look and feel their best through nutrition, fitness, and mindset coaching.

The support & accountability you need to help you lose the stubborn weight, keep it off & rock your mombod!

  • Initial lifestyle, fitness & nutrition assessment

  • Bi-weekly flexible meal plans with balanced, delicious recipes that nourish your body AND help you work towards your goals

  • Habit-based behaviour change coaching - I teach you HOW to actually implement the changes for long-term success

  • Mindset coaching around food rules, "cheat meals", diet culture and body image to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • Custom workout plans – quick, minimal equipment strength & HIIT workouts you can do from home

  • Bi-weekly LIVE Zoom coaching  sessions - customized so it can be a workout, mindset coaching, or both

  • Supplement recommendations – to help you maximize your personalized plan

  • 24-5 access & communication, with ongoing online accountability

Want more details & to see if we're the

right fit for each other?

Let's hop on a quick call and find out!

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