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Sip & Sweat Challenge

What better way is there to stay consistent with your nutrition & fitness over the summer than a fun & FREE Challenge?!

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With the Sip & Sweat Challenge you'll be focusing on a DAILY delicious smoothie to kickstart your day, so that no matter how the rest of the day goes you know you've put at least ONE nutrient-dense meal in your body.

And I've got you covered with 7 recipes to choose from, so your mouth never gets bored! I've also included a handy grocery list, so you know exactly what you need to buy week-to-week. No waste necessary!

The Sweat component of this challenge has us working out 4 days per week, so that you're moving your body consistently and keeping those bigger muscles burning calories and keeping your metabolism humming.

And the best part? They're follow-along, full-length workout videos with me! They're 30-40min long and require little to no equipment (mini bands for added resistance). Totally doable for us busy mamas! 
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And just by staying consistent with your nutrition & fitness, and posting your sweaty selfies & smoothie pics inside our Challenge Facebook group, The FitMama Movement, you'll be entered into a draw for over $200 worth of prizes!

This month we've got delicious protein donuts, customized cloth masks, and a 30-day supply of one of my fave beauty products, Collagen Elixir!

To join our FREE Challenge and get Sipping & Sweating with us, just fill out the form below.
Can't wait to see you on the inside!

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