A life-changing 12-week group nutrition, exercise and mindset transformation program to lose stubborn weight, create

consistent habits, build confidence, and get results that last

The FitMama Method is the only transformation program of its kind that not only gives you the WHAT to do, but the HOW to approach your eating and exercise by leveraging a method of small, easy habits that turns into meaningful, long-term success.

By the end of this program,

you will have:

created consistency with your workouts  that work for your busy life, with exercises that safely & effectively engage the right muscles while keeping workouts short (<30min)

learned how to leverage everyday habits and rhythms to anchor in exercise & meal prepping into your daily life

shifted your mindset to the right weight loss metrics, so you can avoid frustration, minimize self-sabotage & stay the course with your goals

eaten delicious, home-cooked meals that are quick to prep, leave you satisfied, & follow the 80:20 principle so you can enjoy some food flexibility & never feel restricted

ignited behaviour change by leveraging simple, yet powerful, foundational habits that will continue to guide your daily actions beyond the program

learned about the most important eating habits and foods to focus on that boost your energy, get your cravings under control, and aid in fat loss

connected with other amazing mamas in a judgement-free space, who will support you, cheer you on, and help keep you accountable

gained motivation & momentum to keep going with your goals, no matter what's going on with life


“Working with Crystal was the single best thing I've probably ever decided to do for myself

Not only have I dropped a few dress sizes and lost inches off my body, I'm stronger, have more energy, and my attitude to nutrition and fitness has completely changed. This mental shift and boost in confidence has made a huge impact in all areas of my life.

Working with Crystal helped me discover a lifestyle that I LOVE, and more importantly, that I can stick to. I would absolutely recommend that you work with Crystal”

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