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Curb Late-Night Snacking with these 5 Tips

With all the stress we've been experiencing with our new reality, I found myself heading time and time again to the pantry or fridge, but especially late at night. I knew I had to stop doing this because in reality, I didn't need the food. It was just a crutch to help me feel good in the moment, and my body really didn't need the added fuel. Maybe you've found yourself slowly taking on this habit too? If so, this one's for you today!

And when I polled the local mummy community a few weeks ago, this was something that came up for SO MANY MAMAS! So I knew I wanted to share my best tips to start curbing this crappy habit, and get back some control over eating. I've been practicing this myself and I can tell you it's gotten waaaay better! Check it out, and when you're done watching, let us know in the comments below which of the 5 tips you're going to implement right away.

-Crystal xo

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