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Full Body Band HIIT Workout

This week we did this workout LIVE on Facebook and Instagram, and it was a sweaty one! The added resistance of a loop band, with very little rest, made this workout super challenging even for me. And finishing it with a 5-minute AMRAP round just crushed me. If you constantly say you have no time for an effective workout, trust me, this workout has got you covered :D

Here's what we did:

Circuit #1: 50 seconds work: 10 seconds rest. 3 rounds. 1 minute rest between rounds

1) Band 1 1/4 squats + Chest Press

2) Band Rows + Dead Lifts

3) Reverse Lunge Hop-ups (switch half way)

4) Band Push-ups

5) Band V-Sit Rows

6) Squat Hop-Outs

Circuit #2: AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in 5 minutes.

1) Walk Outs + Push-up (8 reps)

2) Clock Squat Jumps (16 reps total)

Enjoy, & get your sweat on!

And if you want to join me for more LIVE full-length workouts, join me every MONDAY @ 12noon EST. See you there!

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