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No time? Try these Core Workouts {under 10min!}

So one of the things I hear A LOT from moms is that sometimes there's just NO TIME for workouts. While I do believe we all have 24hr in a day, some days are just insanely busy and it leaves little time and energy for a lengthy workout.


I also polled you guys on IG a few weeks ago asking how many times you skip a workout in the week if you feel like "you don't have enough time" to do it.

Most people voted that they skip workouts 2 + times per week because of this!!!

And these are just missed opportunities to squeeze in some movement that otherwise you'd be just sitting on your butt (likely!).

We often think that 5-10 minutes is just not worth it, but I know that is DOES matter. And here's why:

When you can show up for yourself for 5-10 minutes, CONSISTENTLY, you can show up for yourself for 30minute workouts CONSISTENTLY.

And I don't need to tell you that consistency is the key to seeing long-lasting results (but Im telling ya anyways!).

So one of the things inside The FitMama Method that I've put together is a series of weekly "Mini-Moves" that take less than 10 minutes to do, and that you can do daily as a standalone "mini workout" or as a finisher to other workouts.

This round of the program the women have voted to focus on CORE, because all of us know how challenging it can be to re-train and strengthen our core after kiddos!

Every week I drop a new Mini-Move, and Im sharing Week 1 + 2 with you today. They're 5-10 minutes long and you can do them with minimal equipment (body weight and a mini-band!).

While they look easy, trust me you WILL feel it if you focus on your form.

They're awesome for overall core strength (not just abs!), and they'll help you build a solid foundation to be able to make all your other strength training that much more effective.

And if you do these workouts, share a quick selfie over on IG and be sure to tag me with my new handle: @itscrystalelizabeth - I love being your accountability partner!!

And tell me below how the workouts went!

5-minute Plank Workout

3 moves, 20 sec work: 10 sec rest

3 rounds straight without rest

10-minute No-Crunch Band Core Workout

3 moves, 50 sec work: 10 sec rest

1-3 rounds straight without rest

Looking for more at-home workouts to keep you motivated?

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