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Nutrition Cheat Sheets to Help You Stay on Track

Creating meal plans for my clients and group programs is something I LOVE doing. If it means helping the women I work with reduce their mental bandwidth, make food shopping a breeze, and sticking to their nutrition easier, I am here for it!

Because being consistent is the #1 KEY to seeing changes in your health, energy, and overall physique. So when clients told me that they were having issues finding certain foods in the grocery store OR that sometimes certain foods were waaaaay overpriced and they just didn't know what to buy instead, I knew I had to create a simple cheat sheet so they could easily handle this hurdle.

So I made it for them! And I want YOU to have it too! Actually, I went a step further and I've put together 3 simple nutrition tools that I think are really helpful in keeping track with your nutrition.

TOOL #1: Interchangeable Foods List

This is a simple cheat sheet that will show you which foods are similar in terms of nutrient value so you can easily swap based on availability and price.

TOOL #2: Macros & Portion Control

This tool quickly shows you what the appropriate serving sizes are (as a guideline for women, not a hard and fast rule!) for the different macronutrients using a very simple "hand rule" that I use with all my clients. Say goodbye to tracking macros, counting calories, and inputting data into My Fitness Pal and HELLO to ease!!!

TOOL #3: Meal & Hydration Tracker

You can't change what you don't track. If you want to get brutally honest with yourself about what and how much you eat because you want to see improvements in your health and fitness goals, then you gotta track your nutrition, at least for a bit of time so you have your baseline. Only then will you see where you need to make some changes.

And as always, I am here for some guidance! If you use these cheat sheets, be sure to send me a quick note and let me know how it goes, so I can give you some feedback and support.

OK, OK, ready to grab these? I bet you are! Just fill out the form below and it will be delivered straight to your inbox.

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