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1:1 Client Success Spotlight - Marie's story

Watching a client create radical change and transformation in their lives is an incredible gift I receive through my coaching, and *Marie's story is one of the most inspirational journeys I've had the privilege of witnessing to-date.

*Marie and I began working together when she was 6-months post-partum after her daughter was born, and it was a time when she had experienced a number of health complications.

She had a complicated pregnancy with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, followed by an emergency C-section and a very stressful postpartum recovery period, on top of being a new mom. And working as a scientist. And renovating a home. Holy moly!

She new she needed 1:1 support so she could find her way back to a healthy body, mindset and lifestyle again, especially now that she is raising a daughter.

What she was able to accomplish in just a few short months of working together is remarkable. She was able to:

  • get off all her medications (with her health-care provider's supervision)

  • lose 25lb, reconnect and rebuild her core, and get stronger and fitter overall

  • shift her all-or-nothing mindset around food, to eating mindfully and enjoying treats without any guilt

  • build healthy habits as a family around eating and moving their bodies

  • create a healthy lifestyle and routine, despite a really busy life

Have a watch/listen below for the all the details. I know that this chat will inspire and move you!

*This client's name has been changed to protect her identity, so I ask that those of you who know her please respect this and avoid any comments below with her real name. Thank you!

If *Marie's story inspired you, and you have your own goals but you're feeling stuck, not seeing the results you want, let's connect and chat!

Book in for a FREE 30-minute call, let's learn about where you're at, and I can share more about the 1:1 Coaching experience to see if it's the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!


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