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Building Habits Like a Boss: How Small Shifts Can Create BIG Impact

Picture this:

You've FINALLY decided: THIS is the year you're going to get in better shape. You have it in your mind that you want to get to "X" pant size or lose "Y" amount of weight, and you turn to social media for inspiration and to decide what diet and program you're going to try next.

You see soooooo many women using the Sweat App, or trying the Keto diet, and you see these crazy transformation photos and think: "If they got those results, maybe I can too?!"

So you jump right in, you feel motivated and inspired, and for the next week or two you go all out, do every workout and stick to the diet perfectly. happens. Your kiddo is having meltdowns at bedtime, which cut into your workout time. Your husband gives you grief for overhauling the family's usual meals and he buys MORE junk food for the house. And you end up having an injury because maybe, just maybe, you took on too much too soon 😫

And so you start to feel defeated, you mess up one of your meals and decide "EFF IT! I'm just going to "eat normally" this weekend and start fresh on Monday!" But the enthusiasm you had a few weeks ago doesn't return on Monday, and so you spin your wheels some more and feel like this whole eating healthy and workout thing is JUST.TOO. HARD!

Sound familiar? I've spoken to many women who've had some version of this story, and the saddest part is that they usually blame themselves and have so much shame around failing, feeling like if only they could just be more consistent and stick to something long term.

But the truth is: unless you see past your end goal & focus on the things that actually matter the most - building habits AND shifting your mindset around food and exercise - then it doesn't matter what program or plan you're on. Nothing will ever stick....


You start to implement SIMPLE strategies to start developing good eating & nutrition habits and making them EASY to implement (and repeat).

Today's video training is a little behind-the-scenes inside The FitMama Method program, where in the first few weeks we take a deep dive into Effective Habit Building.

I share my simple 4-step method throughout the program, and this is just the starting point. But the great news is: once you understand how habits work, AND you take action with the exercise I give you in the end, you can start to shift WHO you are becoming while you work on your goals, as well as HOW you can approach your nutrition and exercise plan so that you set yourself up for the most LONG-TERM success.

Ready to dive in? Let's go!

Now it's time to turn insight into action!

Download the worksheet with this training, and start working through your own Mighty Mantra and shifting how you approach workouts and food.

Mighty Mantra Worksheet
Download PDF • 134KB

Then share your thoughts or even your own mantra in the comments below! I'd LOVE to help support you in creating habits that stick!

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