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Upper Body DB Workout

This week on socials I shared some of the fitness truths that I want more women to know, and reallllllllly get. One of those truths is that weight training DOES NOT make you bulky as a woman!

It always seems to be a fear that women have when they think about adding strength training to their plan, especially if losing weight or "getting toned" is the goal. But weight training IS the thing that will help you get there when fat or weight loss is your goal.

So let's dispel why this is simply never going to be the case (or very very unlikely!). Your hormones as a female dictate that you won't ever gain the kind of muscle that a man will. You simply don't have enough testosterone or growth hormone to allow it.

Another key factor is energy surplus, aka eating like a teenage boy, in order to provide your body with the building blocks to create a significant amount of lean muscle. There are other factors, but these are the significant ones, so if this has even crossed your mind just throw the thought to the curb babe!

Ok now that we've gotten that myth sorted, let's get to this workout shall we?!

Today's workout is one of my faves because it targets all the major muscles of the upper body to create beautifully balanced strength and improve posture (back strengthening is key here!).

Grab some dumbbells, and let's get our sweat on!

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