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Full Body EMOM Torch Workout

When you only have 20min to workout, do you feel it's worth the effort?

I used to think I couldn't get a good workout unless I had 45+min and I was dripping in sweat, but thank goodness I've learned that you can 100% have a GREAT workout in way less time!

Lately, with all the things going on - prepping for the launch of The FitMama Method, Aiden starting grade 1, Damian starting daycare, and supporting more 1:1 clients - all I've had is 20minutes a few times a week.

And guess what? I am GETTING FITTER every.dang.week!

And YOU can too! Get out of your head, get your gear on, and come sweat with me RIGHT NOW with this EMOM workout.

If you're new to EMOM, it means EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE. You need to (try) to complete a pre-determined amount of reps of the moves, before the minute is up. Whatever time you have left is your rest time before it begins again.

Don't worry, I'll let you know what you need to do throughout, and I'll be sweating right there with ya. I even show you modifications for all moves, so no matter where you're starting from or feeling today, you always have options!

Ready? Let's do this!

Did you love this workout?

Then you'll LOVE The FitMama Method program!

Inside you'll get 48 follow-along strength and HIIT workouts, designed to get you stronger, fitter, leaner and more energized in your body. We start the next round September 12, so get on the waitlist TODAY!

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