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HIIT + Band Strength Workout

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

I love delivering content that YOU want to see, so when I polled everyone on IG this week for the kind of workouts you wanted, this was the fan fave!

And I get it: if you're a busy mom or woman, you need EFFICIENCY. You don't have time for 2-hour long workout sessions like you used to BK (before kiddos) and you want to know that what you're about to do is going to leave you feeling like you got a GREAT sweat sesh in.

THIS is that workout, my friend!

And the great thing is, you don't realllly need the band. You can 100% do this workout with just your own body weight, and it's tough.

But if you wanna go all out and really feel the burn, then grab a mini band, and let's get MOVIN'!!!

If you got your sweat on with me, leave a comment

below and tell me how it went!

I love reading every single comment, and it goes a long way to

helping me to create more of what YOU want to see!

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